'God is with us': Preacher Bo Sanchez, family test positive for COVID-19

Renowned motivational speaker and Catholic Preacher Bo Sanchez announced on Wednesday (March 31) that he and almost everyone in their family tested for COVID-19.

In his Facebook Page, Sanchez posted a notification verifying that he has been marked positive for the virus.

According to Sanchez, he is experiencing slight fever and cough while most of his family members who contracted COVID-19 as well are asymptomatic.

"I'm sharing this to also encourage everyone that it's okay to tell people about it and seek for prayers," Sanchez wrote.

"Let's pray for each other. God is with us. I know this is a difficult time. But with Him by our side, we will overcome," he added.

Eugenio Isabelo Tomas Reyes Sanches  Jr. or widely known as "Bo Sanchez" is a best-selling author, Catholic lay preacher, minister, and entrepreneur.

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