Gigo De Guzman, shares final moment with his mother Claire Dela Fuente

A day after the death of Claire Dela Fuente, Gigo De Guzman has finally shared the struggles that his mother faced during her final moment.

According to Gigo, it was Thursday evening when their mother tested positive on COVID-19. That is why the next day, they brought her in the hospital even if Claire did not want to out of fear.

On Monday evening (March 29), Gigo was still able to talk with his mother through telephone but suddenly Claire dropped the call as she was finding it hard to breath.

Gigo said, Claire  struggled a lot with all the challenges they have been into that is why she already gave up. With this, he wants to tell his mother not to worry about him because he will surely surpass all his struggles too even if he is alone.

He added, they were raised by their mother to be brave and strong in spite of any struggles in life. Now, Gigo wished that their  mother would rest in peace.

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