British national searches for Pinoy friend he includes in his last will and testament


After how many years of separation, a British national from Birmingham, England looked for his long lost Filipino friend that he met in Libya just to share his wealth.

In Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho, a Philippine TV program, Verne Mclean narrated that he was a crane operator when he met his Pinoy friend "Mar",a chef in a restaurant in Libya, back in 1979 or 1980 .

They became close friends but they separated when Mclean was assigned to another country while Mar went back to the Philippines.

Mclean said that in spite of them being in different countries, Mar would usually write a letter to him. But since Mclean could not write, he was not able to send his reply to his friend until he stopped receiving letters from Mar.

Mclean was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. Upon knowing, he realized that he wanted to share his wealth to someone who is deserving. So he thought of his friend Mar and even included him in his last will and testament that says Mar will receive about 10% of his wealth or approximately P33 million.

KMJS was  able to find a guy named “Mar” who worked in Libya. When a photograph of him was shown to Mclean, he confirmed that the guy is really his friend Mar.

The man who was suspected as “Mar” said that he is now in the United States, however, when asked about Mclean and his inheritance, he refused to be further interviewed and asked for privacy.


Nevertheless, Mclean said that if ever Mar changes his mind, he will still be willing to share his wealth and get along with him once again.

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